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Consulting and Education in Animal Behaviour and Training

“We are passionate about helping people understand and modify animal behaviour to improve animal welfare and the human-animal bond.”


Dr Kate Mornement from Pets Behaving Badly specialises in companion and captive animal behaviour, training and education. Dr Kate is a PhD qualified Applied Animal Behaviourist and Consultant. She is passionate about helping people understand, manage and modify the behaviour of animals living under human care. Dr Kate utilises humane techniques based on the latest scientific understanding of behaviour to enhance animal welfare.

We offer a range of services including in-home and virtual consultations for pet owners; expert witness services, and; consultations, educational seminars and workshops for professionals and organisations caring for companion or captive animals. Please click the Services tab for further information.

Dr Kate is an experienced media commentator and is available for comment, interviews and freelance writing. Please contact us for further information and see the media page for examples of her work.