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Pet Behaviour Consults

Dr Kate and dog Lenny

***Dr Kate with her dog Lenny

Dr Kate understands that pet behaviour problems can be stressful! Her knowledgeable, friendly and non-judgemental approach will put your mind at ease.

In Home Behaviour Consults:

In-home behaviour consultations go for up to 90 minutes. Prior to the consultation Kate emails you a link to complete a behavioural history form for your pet. During the consult, Kate reviews the behavioural history form with you, observes and assesses your pet’s behaviour and discusses the problem behaviour with you in detail.

Dr Kate then teaches you easy to use, humane, science-based training and behaviour modification techniques that really work!

A week later you will receive your comprehensive report and behaviour modification program to remind you exactly what to do. Follow up email support is provided for two months free of charge.

Zoom Consults:

For those who prefer a virtual consultation or who live outside Kate’s service area, interstate or overseas, a Zoom consultation is an excellent option, especially if you cannot find suitably qualified or experienced assistance locally.

Zoom consultations go for up to 90 minutes, can be recorded for you to keep and also include a written report.


  • In-home dog behaviour consult – $650 +GST plus travel
  • In-home cat behaviour consult – $550 +GST plus travel
  • In-home parrot behaviour consult – $500 +GST plus travel
  • Zoom behaviour consult – $500 +GST

Note: Travel is charged at $60 +GST per hour. Multi-pet behaviour consults may incur additional charges, please call/email for a quote. Prices given in AUD.

Ready to resolve your pet’s bad behaviour? Please email Dr Kate NOW!

Vet referrals: 

Vet clinics throughout Melbourne refer clients to Dr Kate to address behaviour problems. Kate can work closely with vets in cases where medication is needed to help facilitate behaviour modification. If your vet clinic would like more information or some business cards to pass on to clients, please get in touch.