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Dr Kate Mornement’s PhD

Dr Kate Mornement completed her PhD at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, as a member of the Anthrozoology Research Group (ARG). The ARG conducts scientific research investigating the human-animal bond, animal behaviour, animal welfare and human psychology.

Dr Kate Mornement’s PhD thesis is entitled “Shelter dogs in Australia: Public perceptions and assessment of behaviour for adoption suitability.”

There were several aims of Kate’s research. Firstly, she explored public attitudes towards shelter dogs and common shelter practices. Next she reviewed and evaluated current methods used to assess canine behaviour in a shelter environment. Finally, Kate developed and tested the reliability and predictive validity of a standardised tool called the Behavioural Assessment for Re-homing K9’s (B.A.R.K.) protocol.


Dr Kate and Lenny dog

Kate with her rescued shelter dog, Lenny