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Dr Kate Mornement from Pets Behaving Badly is experienced with television, radio, print and web-based media. Kate is available for comment/interview and video campaigns on all topics relating to the behaviour of companion, captive and wild animals.

Dr Kate also writes regularly for print and web-based media. Here are some examples of Kate's media work:


The Project (Channel 10)
Kate was interview about how pet dogs will cope once their owners return to work, post lockdown.

ABC News
Kate was interviewed live on ABC News regarding the impact of COVID-19 on pets.

The Today Show (Channel 9)
Kate was interviewed live about common pet behaviour problems and how to resolve them.

A Current Affair (Channel 9)
Kate was interviewed on ACA regarding an incident involving a pet Eclectus parrot.

Hound TV (Channel 31)

Kate was the resident Animal Behaviourist for Hound TV on Channel 31.


Dr Kate is frequently interviewed on radio as a specialist on the subject of Animal Behaviour. Listen to her recent interview on ABC 774 with David Astle here and here.

Other radio interviews/segments include:

  • Separation anxiety in dogs post COVID-19 lockdown (ABC Sunday Afternoons) - Kate speaks with Angela Catterns about how to minimise the impact of separation anxiety on our dogs once we return to work. Listen to the conversation (starting at 1hr:47m:35s) here.
  • When pets get in the way of your relationship (Triple J) - Kate chats with Nat Tencic about pets and relationships. Listen to the podcast here.
  • Animal Abuse: Are we abusing our pets? (Triple J) - Kate chats with Tom Tilley about how some pets are missing out on vital socialisation and other needs. Listen to the podcast here.
  • PETstock Pet Hour (Melbourne Talk Radio) - Kate co-hosts with Glenn Ridge talking about pet behaviour and answering caller questions.
  • PETstock Pet Hour (Melbourne Talk Radio) - Kate co-hosts with Colette Mann talking about pet behaviour and answering caller questions.
  • Obesity in pets (Melbourne Talk Radio)
  • Reading dog body language (Melbourne Talk Radio)
  • Talking pets - Kate talks about her work as an animal behaviourist and answers questions about pet behaviour problems (Lion FM)
  • Why do people dress up their pets? (ABC radio)
  • Why do dogs attack people? (ABC radio)
  • How do animals find their way home? (ABC radio)


Visit Victoria
World’s first dog optimised tourism campaign

Pet Stock
National Pet Adoption Day: Love knows no breed



The Age
Keeping alive that animal magnetism

Herald Sun
Training your pooch can be a very beneficial process
Degrees of separation upset pooches

Your dog’s not spoiled, you’re just well trained
Match you pet to your lifestyle

Pets Magazine
Kate wrote a column for Pets Magazine called ‘Naughty or Nice’ answering reader’s questions about their pet’s behaviour.

Dogs NSW Magazine
Dr Kate has been a regular contributor to Dogs NSW magazine, writing feature articles on dog behaviour and training.
To access articles Kate has written about dog training and behaviour click here.

That’s Life! Magazine
Kate wrote a regular column for That’s Life! called the Pet Whisperer from 2008-2010. Kate advised readers on how to modify their pet’s bad behaviour.

Other print media
Kate is regularly quoted by newspapers and magazines relating to companion animals.


Web-based media:

ABC News and ABC Life

Has COVID-19 seen your pet acting like a complete weirdo? An animal behaviour expert explains why

5 things to consider before adopting a dog during the coronavirus crisis

Signs your dog has anxiety and how to treat it

Should you let your pets sleep in bed with you?

Helping your cat accept your pregnancy and adapt to the changes baby will bring

SBS News

How coronavirus is impacting our pets and how they’ll cope when we return to the office

The Australian

‘Wild animals avoid humans, they don’t ask for help’

The Sydney Morning Herald

More people are treating pets as ‘family members who understand them’

The Guardian

Petflix and chill: Does your dog need a streaming service?

Pet Pages
Kate was a weekly contributor to Pet Pages writing a variety of articles about companion animals and animal behaviour.

Pooch Magazine
Kate was a contributor to Pooch Magazine. Recent articles include “Pooch in the Pool: Dogs & Swimming” and “Holidaying with your Hound“.